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Green Is The Future - Supporting Innovating Ideas


To test our materials and help the development of environment friendly study projects we are proud to sponsor universities in The Netherlands and Belgium buy supplying them renewable composite materials for free. See some projects we are invloved with below:


Anemo II

Anemo II & III - Composite windturbine racecar made by University of Delft. Chassis and turbine made from 85% CoreCork natural material.




Go-4 Dakar - 4x4 Dakar jeep that runs on jetropha oil from Hogeschool Arnhem & Nijmegen. Bodywork and molds sponsored by Scabro.




Antarctica - Solar power driven 4x4 that will be the first to travel over the southpool by Hogeschool Utrecht in winter 2012. Bodywork made from CoreCork sandwichmaterial.



BioValk - Composite leisure yacht made from bio-resin, CoreCork and natural fibers.






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