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Welcome to the future of composites manufacturing


Environmental friendly composites

Scabro Innovations is Europe's first supplier that focuses entirely on durable composite raw materials and an environmental friendly composite production process.

Most composite products are used in applications that have a sustainable character, like light-weight vehicles that use less fossile fuels or buildings that require less maintenance, but these composite products themselves are produced in a way that is not quite environment friendly..

Our goal is to supply renewable raw materials while reducing the waste stream and the energy consumption in the composite production.

Start working today with products that make sense for your employees, your environment and your return on investment.



Scabro as a partner in durable yacht building project group


Durable yacht building

This month (October 2011) was announced that Scabro will be cooperating in project named "Durable applications in yacht building". The project runs from October 2011 till September 2013 and is formed by a group of 20 Dutch companies from the marine sector. Some of the subjects are: design rules when working with biobased materials, durable model-making, durable composite repairs, development of flame retardant biobased sandwich constructions, infusion strategies for biobased resins, sailing with energy-creating sails, electrical powered ships, and many more. The end goal, next to gaining knowledge and boosting the bio-composites in yachting, is the production of 200 bio-based composite yachts.





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