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Waterbased Release Agents


Mold Release Agent Innovation & Reliability


Zyvax Waterbased Release AgentsTogether with our manufacturer Zyvax, we believe intelligence is our greatest asset. And our mold release customers believe it too. Zyvax; knowledge that performs.

Zyvax mold release agents apply performance-based, scientific expertise and leading-edge manufacturing process knowledge to develop pace-setting mold release products that deliver consistent performance. When it comes to environment friendly mold releases, proven performance is the expectation. Consistency and ease of use of mold release agents are absolutes. No surprises. At Zyvax, discovery is what our global reputation in the mold release industry is built on.  Visit Zyvax on YouTube




Zyvax product

WATERSHIELD is a high performance polymer coating that has been created to give multiple releases while exceeding the most demanding environmental requirements.


No CFK's, VOC's or ODC's




Zyvax product

WATERCLEAN has been developed to provide an environmentally safe and effective water-based alternative to solvent washing for the removal of surface contaminants. Waterclean is non-hazardous, non-flammable and won't harm the surface, eliminating sanding and/or solvent washing when preparing parts for painting, bonding or other processes that require a completely clean surface.









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