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Bio Resin


Oil from bio waste is the basis of our resins In the last years we have been working closely with our South American supplier to formulate a perfect workable bio-based matrix resin for composite produtcs.

Lasts tests done in The Netherlands look promising. The systems can be used in yachting and construction, as flame retardency is perfect. Open time and reactivity can be adjusted to customer needs. The a-component is made from 100% natural waste, while the b-component currently still has non-renuwable ingredients.

Contact us to check if your application can be produced in a sustainable manner.




Bioresins properties scabro

     - 70% Bio, 30% synthetic

     - Non-toxic

     - Flame retardent

     - Adjustable potlife from 1 minute to 24 hours

     - No shrinkage

     - Low viscosity, suitable for RTM





Bioresins composiet onderdeel Scabro Composieten BVBioresin RTM infusion








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