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Scabro Innovations BV
Wassenaarseweg 75
NL 2223 LA Katwijk
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Scabro Innovations BV is a supplier of environmental friendly, sustainable materials for Europe's composites industry. Our goal is to supply the newest, most innovating raw materials that will improve the current techniques used in Europe for the production of composite moulds and parts. Our products are either based on natural ingredients or produced in a way that uses less energy or is environment friendly.



Supply And Support Throughout Whole Of Europe

Scabro Innovations is based in The Netherlands and supplies composite manufacturers through an European network of specialized composite suppliers. Please click here to check who is closest to you.


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Scabro Innovations BV
Wassenaarseweg 75
2223LA Katwijk
The Netherlands
T +31 (0) 71-4017246

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Alpomat BV
Mandenmakerstraat 30
2984 AS Ridderkerk
The Netherlands
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