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Carbon Fiber Innovation


Stunning new production proces reduces carbon foot print with 95%


KORE carbon fiber

KORE Carbon fiber is a total innovation. The state of the art process we apply to make cabron fiber is a lot more environmental friendly than all excisting carbon fiber production proces. But most of all our process preserves all the technical characteristics of the material.

KORE manufacturer NTT has devellopped a production process that is acting on the precursor and slowly carbonizes the fiber to get the best carbonization, the filament is uniformly and strongly burned to carbonize or even graphitized.

The process has been protected and patented and its exclusivity can be easily demonstrated through the impressive performance of KORE products.


KORE Carbon Fiber


Carbon fiber for Aerospace

Originally created to respond to niche industrial needs, the exclusive KORE carbon fiber has shortly become an answer to many industrial fields.

New projects in aeronautics, avionics, but also advanced technology applications, where KORE is succesfully bringing performance and configuration flexibility. Contact us to explore the wide range of our KORE carbon fibers and the whole range of textiles.

Product line

- Tows 3K, 6K, 12K and 24K
- Modulus from 240 GPa to 459 GPa
- Chopped and milled fiber
- Fabrics and Multi-axials from 75 g/m² to 600 g/m²
- Prepregs with different resins
- Engineered materials and composites


KOREOX Preoxidised PAN

KORE carbon fiber for aerospace defense applications

By-product on the making of carbon fiber, it is the preoxidation of the PAN fiber.

Very high LOI, smooth and soft hand, the heat resistance and self-extinguishing features of this fiber are ideally applied into building construction and wherever thermal insulation is needed.

Product line

- Yarns
- Staple fibre
- Felts and fabrics


Blue Steel

CMC used in brake technology

Ceramic Matrix  Composites, or Monolithic C/SiC, are used for plugs and high end products that find main use in aeronautics. Carbon/Silicon carbide is a composite material consisting of silicon carbide reinforced by carbon fibers.


All the materials included into this range are protected by the industrial secrecy, since they are specifically made upon single projects and responding to specificproperties requirements. Every single part is IP patented by NTT. The process itself to make this C/SiC items is patented by NTT, since not made by standard CVI or similair systems. To have more details please ask our sales people.



KORE Carbon Fiber and Blue Steel are products produced by NTT Aerospace, part of NTT Group.






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